Bridget G. Lincoln MO

Hi I'm ready to take care of your dog

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Hello! I’m Bridget and I’ve been showing dogs for a while and provide utmost care for th

e dogs. I’ll provide a grooming as well for each dog that comes to me. In the future I hope to be able to board more dogs than one at a time and I’ll update you all! I do work during the day but afterwards, I’ll take care of your dogs. I’m more available on weekends to do this and I’ll be planning on doing walks more on the weekends for your adorable fur friends. In my home I have two corgis and share the farm with two large mastiffs. They are safe dogs and the safety of your dog is held in top priority. I hope to care for your pups soon!

What Bridget would like to know about your dog

I’d like to know the preferences of the dog first. What does the dog like? Favorite way to play? Preferred way to sleep? Maybe your dog doesn’t like the sound of the tv so then I can better cater to your dog.