May. 26, 2019

The Snowball Effect

You ever have one of those days when you have a great plan to do a project?? Well I had one today! What started out as a clean up the yard for mowing and edging and general curb appeal turned into a full blown tear down the old chicken coop. Now apparently when I built the thing I was planning on housing something larger than chickens because regular wire cutters weren’t working and had to break out the bolt cutters, which worked great except when I needed tin snips to cut the wire from wood so another trip to the tool shed!  Now this particular coop hadn’t been used in several years, so yes, trees have grown up through the wire! So back to the tool shop for pruners and started in on removing said trees! But wait! Some of the trees were just a tad large to cut with pruners so another trek to the tool shed for the loping shears. This worked for some time until low and behold a tree 3” was holding up progress so another trip to the tool shed for the bow saw! Now one would think that a simple task of removing old wire wouldn’t take 6 tools! You’re right it takes more! The wire was attached to the building and secured with a piece of 1x4 which, oh by the way, was screwed to the building. I couldn’t pull it off without breaking the wood so another trip to the tool shed to get the drill/screwdriver. Like I said earlier I don’t have any idea why I built this thing so secure but I did! The removing of the screws took on a task of their own, the first two came out no problem when I got to the next of course the battery died on the drill!!! Thank God the tool manufacturers provide two batteries for their cordless tools if they didn’t I’d be in trouble. New battery in hand its back to the work site, things move along fairly smooth now that I have all the tools for each issue that comes up. Towards the end of the wire run things change, I realize I should have been wearing leather gloves during this whole endeavor the last part of the wire I swear was secured with railroad spikes! I was unable to pull without cutting my hands so another trip to the tool shed for leather gloves!  3 hours later the old wire is now torn out, trees cut and put in burn pile, three trips to take all the tools back to the tool shed and I finally get to start on the project I had originally planned for today weed eating and curb appeal.

So why is it when we plan on doing something,  it always seems to turn into more??