May. 16, 2019

The Balancing Act

I wanted to start a blog, this may be a daily, weekly or monthly endeavour i hope you enjoy. 

I don’t think I’m the only one who has to perform daily balancing acts in order to get everything accomplished! When you live on a farm it becomes even more challenging, this year not being an exception. I’ll give you a brief background, I have 11 horses, 2 trained Dressage horses, 1 green broke Dressage horse, 1 un broke Dressage horse, 1 good as gold horse/pony, 1 TB OTT Gelding 1 OTT Mare both able to be ridden (with the intent of retraining) 1 TB Colt/Horse, 1 Rescue Mare, her foal (now 5), her first born now 7 and blind. A blind & deaf cow, several cats, chickens, turkeys and pea fowl. Now the fun begins! Because the majority of the horses are mares, I needed to house the stud colt away from them, which I might add wasn’t a huge problem, I have several cross fences, it’s just that some of the fencing needed to be reinforced. It begins!  One must gather all tools to run new fence. Fence of course, tightener, staples, hammer, saw, etc. problem one, chainsaw won’t start!  Now I must use a hand saw to cut through 3-5” trees/branches which by the way with Hedge it is not much fun. Tearing out the old fence, which has been grown through by wild rose, weeds, saplings and anything else one can imagine can grow through fencing, this also is not much fun and takes the majority of the day. But was accomplished with minimal scrapes and cuts. this isn't a one time job but an ongoing one, i have started working electric fencing into the mix.

Which brings me back to my title..When you work full time and have a full time do you acheive the perfect balance??