Nov. 26, 2014

15 reasons why mares are better than geldings

Coming from a mare owner i found this cute



Mares get a fair bit of bad press. Not so this week when Sam Griffiths and his mare Paulank Brockagh lifted the Badminton trophy. Here are 15 tongue-in-cheek reasons why you could argue mares are better than geldings

1. Call it evolution, but mares appear to have a greater sense of self-preservation. They are marginally less inclined to reverse into a ditch in blind panic, for example. This means that even if they bolt away from that tractor, as long as you can stay on board — avoiding any low branches in the process — you should be all right

2. For similar reasons, they may be less likely to touch a pole showjumping, and would rather stop across country than sail over a fence they won’t make the distance on and risk rotating on landing. Bonus

3. On the same basis, a mare will also — fingers crossed — move out of the way of assailants in the field, rather than attempting to befriend them or wind them up with well-meant, affectionate, gelding-like pestering. And we’re all for anything that limits vet bills

4. Training a mare teaches you that, in the first instance, you’re far better off asking nicely for things than assuming you’ll get what you demand — a useful lesson to learn and apply to all areas of life

5. Training a mare will also improve your negotiation skills 10-fold, opening up a whole new world of career options, from mediator to United Nations peace envoy

6. We’re not necessarily saying she’ll never roll in the bog, or that all droppings will be neatly piled up in one corner of the stable, but it has been known with mares, and anyway they’re likely to prefer maintaining a degree of cleanliness

7. To point out the obvious, you can’t breed a foal from your beloved gelding

8. You can put a mare in pink bandages and bling browbands without constantly having to correct people as to her gender

9. Mares are often sharper and smarter than geldings. As is so often the case with a female of the species. (Yes, this office is 80% female. No, of course we’re not bias)

10. Unlike geldings, mares are unlikely to lick and slobber on you when you arrive at the yard. (Admittedly, this may be because they’re too busy pinning their ears back)

11. Mares don’t pull the toggle on your waterproof jacket and ping it back at you for entertainment value, either. They have a clear sense of personal space — and would politely request that you remember this

12. We’ve heard it said that only mares can go vertical both ways. Now that’s what we call balance and athleticism

13. Geldings are generally up for a cuddle. Mares make you work harder for any affection. It’s rather like having a cat as opposed to a dog. Geldings are every man’s best friends, whereas mares are selective and that makes their owners feel special

14. If we received a pound on every occasion we’ve heard a rider say: “If you get a good mare, they really, really try for you”, then we’d double our salaries

15. Mares do a commendable job of keeping all the geldings on the yard in check. If you left a gelding in charge, chaos would ensue