Serenity Park Equine Rescue, Adoption, Rehab and Retirement, is a non-profit organization designed to help our equine family. We provide a safe haven for the forgotten and neglected, as well as offering help for those that have fallen on hard times. We have over 30 years in experience of animal care, training and rehabilitation. Some of our residences have been with us all those 25 years, some have been given new homes and careers, others have been laid to rest with dignity and loving care.


We have been blessed with the land to accommodate our family but are always in need of something, be it feed, fencing, equipment and buildings. 

You may also sponsor a horse, if you like what we do, this horse can be ‘yours’ while we still take care of it. You may also set up a retirement fund for your senior or other animals should something happen to you. This peace of mind is priceless knowing your animals will be loved and cared for when you cannot.

All our horses live as nature intended, in a herd and pastures with running creeks.


This is Reno learning that the trailer isn't a bad place to be

Reno baby, is what we call her, got moon blindness within the first year of her rescue, she has about 20% sight in each eye. Reno  is trained to ride and has established herself in the herd, but does keep to herself. She is available to adopt to approved home