Our Motto: Verily I say Unto You, Whatsoever You Do Unto These The Least Of My Children You Also Do Unto Me... Mathew 25:40

 Serenity Park was established with the sole purpose of Breeding Quality Performance Horses.

Over the years we have branched out into several areas. We now offer an online and onsite store, where we offer select Equine Items and Gifts, Pet Products, and other items that we happen to find. 

Equine Rescue

Horse & Dog Show Productions

Please feel free to brouse our pages, this is and always has been a work in progress!


SP Stormy at 3 months of age

Serenity Park Equine has been breeding, training and selling horses for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on selecting only the finest breeding stock and crosses, all our ‘girls’ have grown up on our farm. We still own, now in retirement, grandmothers, mothers, cousins, and sibling. Bucephalus AKA Little Dude is our 5th generation on the same farm. They are allowed to roam, romp, run and frolic on 80 acres of pasture, creeks, hills and trees. We feel that being in their natural environment, as a herd, helps them to develop both mentally and physically into better horses without health issues that result from stall stress or isolation. Our philosophy is to breed quality not quantity, all our babies are handled daily from the day they are born, and they are pampered, spoiled and loved.
Their training is approached the same way. We provide quiet, understanding guidance along with the classic Dressage Training philosophies and scale. Our horses are trained primarily from the ground until they are 4 yrs old, then they are ridden lightly. Once they are 5 they are then put into full training.

Daniella SP, Hanavarian

Grand Adventure/Decaprio

Darianna SP11 RPSI

Donnermeyer/Grand Adventure